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    XTranssCeLL is a health supplement that is very suitable for humans to stay healthy in this century. XTranssCeLL is health food products that are produced and formulated based on blue-green algae, also known as AphanizomenonFlosAquae (AFA). The study found that the blue-green algae is a result of the explosion of a volcano in the area of Klamath, Oregon, United States nearly 1400 years ago. AFA intake of 1 to 5 gm a day will help liberate "MOTHER CELL" and new cells from the bone marrow urgently needed by the human body in helping to care for and improve the body's immune system naturally or naturally.

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    By using only the purest possible ingredients, XCollite have helped generations of women & men look and feel beautiful.

    XCollite - Beauty That's Naturally You

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